requires cooperation

Engagement requires cooperation

Engagement requires cooperation

Let's team up

We are seeking partnerships with public schools in the communities that are looking for challenging and supportive summer activities for their students. Additionally, we are interested in collaborating with public schools that have their own primary levels and elementary schools for Futsal-AG’s led by our camp alumni (paid for by us). We are also interested in partnering with sports clubs or other educational and sports institutions to empower teenagers and prepare them for the future.

Our camp provides the perfect opportunity for teenagers, just before graduation, to develop their soft skills and strengths. Through our Captain’s Network, we enable them to apply these skills meaningfully. For example, as a leader of a sports group or as a coach in a club. This strengthens volunteerism and creates appealing role models for elementary school students. For our alumni, it fosters self-efficacy and encouragement for their own future planning.

Your initiative/association or the afternoon program at your school is supported by qualified and motivated young people from your neighborhood, and you potentially can gain young dedicated members for your cause. Simply reach out to us! You can find our contact information here.